Goals/2023: See A Meteor Shower

The New Year is almost here. Time to think about a few things to accomplish in the coming twelve months. On the list is to see a meteor shower. This will take a little planning, but really no equipment or gear. Just a dark night and an unobstructed view of up above.

The recent Geminid Meteor Shower produced stunning results in the composite image below from the Natural History Museum:

Meteors in the movies are usually something to fear. As is commonly the case, real life is far different than what’s in the movies. Experience with the occasional lone meteor is a fleeting spectacle and easily missed. Their existence in our solar system is short-lived. A whole shower of meteors? Different deal altogether it seems. Can’t wait to see one and this is the year for it to happen. Maybe. It depends on moon phase and other such things out of our control. But, optimism rules so seeing a meteor shower stays on the list for 2023.

What is a meteor?

How to see a meteor? Simple. See below.

Most important question – when’s the next meteor shower? Answer for all of 2023 compliments of the American Meteor Society (AMS) and their calendar here: 2023 Meteor Shower Calendar

Coming up most immediately on the shower calendar are these according to AMS: