Live Streams (Plus Mardi Gras)

Simple post while I continue working on a larger effort that’s been occupying my time.

It’s a cool feature of the internet how it can instantly put you in contact with other parts of the globe. Live streams are one of the ways it does this.

Check out one of the first on the internet from the Cat’s Meow Karaoke Bar in New Orleans at this link.

An interesting back story: Cats Meow reopening a sign of Mardi Gras

Fyi Mardi Gras 2023 kicked off yesterday. Have some crawdads and gumbo to celebrate Louisiana style.

Mardi Gras tends to be associated with New Orleans by many outside Lousiana. In fact, it’s a state wide occurrence and some of the best ways to experience it (personal opinion) are not in New Orleans at all. Check out the local festivals and small town events if you get the chance. Information to get you started here.

Easter Egg #1: Your choice of livestreams from around the world at this link.