No BLT Without It

It’s probably safe to assume that everyone has their favorite sandwich. We could all debate about what toppings should or shouldn’t go with each of them. As a group though sandwich lovers stand on common ground when it comes to where the starting point is for every sandwich. You must have bread.

Most people may buy their bread. Some people like to make their own. Regardless of where you stand there are almost endless options when you consider all the different ways we eat bread. The choices grow even larger when you factor in the various types of flour and grain that can be used.

Humans have been making and eating bread for a very long time. According to one source the ancient Egyptians were the first known peoples to make bread and it bore a resemblance to what we know as tortillas and chapattis. Source:

Bread is pretty easy to make. There are complicated options, but to keep it simple all you really need is water, flour, salt, and yeast. Equipment wise a Dutch Oven is it.

Give it a shot with this no knead recipe: No Knead Bread Recipe

Another version:

Easter Egg #1: Blue Cheese BLT Recipe