All Along The Water Tower.

Clean, plentiful water is something many are accustomed to having on demand.

Depending on where you live you may be used to seeing a water tower (elevated tank to those in the business) in your area. If clean water comes to you via a public utility odds are there will be one involved in getting aqua to you on a daily basis. You might pass by one and never think about what it is, why it’s there, or how it works. They’re really kind of a cool thing. Also necessary. The mechanics of how they work are sort of simple. Also, some of them are cool to look at to top it off.

How does a water tower work?

The short answer: water (stored) + energy (stored) = your next bath or shower.

A more complete answer follows in the video below:

What’s the inside of a water tower look like?

Check out the inner workings of this one in Plano, Texas:

How do you paint a water tower?

For starters, it helps not to be bothered by working up high. Check it out for yourself:

Got any other water tower info?


How about a bunch of cool water tower photos to look at in the Flickr gallery below (maybe one of these is close to you):

Old Watonga Water Tower (Watonga, Texas)

Easter Egg #1: Seems like a good time for a little Jimi Hendrix.