First time hearing of TPOTY (Travel Photographer of the Year)? Mine too. Glad I did though. Incredible talent on display. Their site ( is well worth a visit.

A little info for you:

“The Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) is an international competition dedicated to the art of travel photography and encompasses all genres within this – people, landscapes, wildlife, cultures, architecture, history, food, places of interest, streetlife, reportage and more in a broad spectrum of styles from documentary to fine art.

Every year, photographers from all around the world, professional and amateur, are invited to take part in this popular and inspiring international competition designed to showcase the best in contemporary travel photography.

The competition has grown into one the world’s most prestigious photography awards, with participants from over 145 countries each year.

A unique selection is created every year by an international jury, to celebrate original contemporary work in travel photography. Thematic categories notably include People and their Stories, Landscapes & Adventure, Living World and One Shot: Icons of Travel.” Source:

Sampling of entries from past competitors compliments of this link:

Kibish, Ethiopia, Winner Best Single Image For Faces, Peoples, Cultures Portfolio: Kibish, Ethiopia. A boy stands among the copper bracelets worn by the Suri women. PHOTO: DANNY YEN SIN WONG, MALAYSIA /I/WWW.TPOTY.COM
Winner Best Single Image in a Natural World Portfolio: Fuego volcano near Antigua city, Guatemala. PHOTO: FLORENT MAMELLE,, FRANCE/WWW.TPOTY.COM
Winner Young Travel Photographer Of The Year: Chefchaouen, Morocco. For the young photographer, this local boy using oranges as balls was the opposite of kids in her country playing with expensive toys. PHOTO: ISABELLA SMITH (AGE 14), USA /WWW.TPOTY.COM
Special Mention Winner, Faces, People, Cutures Category: Russia, Yamal Peninsula. The ‘chum’-the Nenets’ dwelling -is as mobile as they are. It consists of long sticks, and stitched reindeer skins stretched over it. PHOTO: VLADIMIR ALEKSEEV, RUSSIA /WWW.TPOTY.COM

Runner-up Natural World Category: Shouguang county, Weifang, Shandong province, China. The job of being a parent is a demanding one for this little warbler. PHOTO: FUYANG ZHOU, CHINA/WWW.TPOTY.COM

Check out more photos from the annual competitions here: TOPTY