Wet Your Whistle

Always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of life for self and those around me, I think whistling is a skill that needs some practice for most people. Personally, I have a very basic whistle technique that works poorly at best. I can’t say I’ve ever unleashed an impressive whistle in my entire life. Sad. I’ve watched with envy as one or another really good whistler I’ve encountered has let loose with a whistle that can blast an eardrum. Mine won’t be noticed by someone standing next to me.

To the point, problems require solutions. For those who can’t whistle the question becomes is this a thing that can be fixed? Or, is it simply natural talent that you either have or don’t have? A quick search indicates it’s something anyone can do with just a little practice. It also looks like there are more ways to whistle than I thought. I’d be happy with just one, but it can’t hurt to know 10 or 15 different ways. It’s always good to have a backup plan.

A sampling of the search results are below. I vouch for none of them. Give one of these a shot and I’ll do the same. We’ll find out what happens.

Technique #1: Hand Whistle

I will say I really like this one of all the search results I had a chance to look through. It says it’s tested and approved, so that’s good to know. It offers step by step help, videos, and even a trouble shooting guide. Impressive. Video from a young man below demonstrating the technique:

Technique #2: Whistle – Fingers

Technique #3: Whistle – Mouth Only

Video of this technique in use by a pro: